This new iOS concept is everything we want to see on the iPhone 8

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The world of technology is looking forward to knowing what the next terminal in the Cupertino people will be like. Since the release of the iPhone 7 and its version Plus the most commented in the panorama of the apple, is how Apple will innovate in the iPhone that will celebrate the ten years since the original iPhone.

In this way and due to various delays in the production of the terminal of Apple many designers, carry the whole year showing us the concepts, renders or predictions about everything that is related to this terminal.

This time it was user John Calkins who has created his own concept of how it will be iOS 12, which could easily be applied to the version of iOS 11 that will accompany the iPhone 8 once it comes to light for the months of October or November.

In this new concept, your designer has based on two fundamental points, where one would be the virtual Home button that would serve in the same way that today we use the physical button of our terminals and with that would be better to take advantage of the front of the Terminal with a screen almost without frames.

The other great point on which this designer is based, it is in the HomeBar that we could see in Apple devices that like the supposed iPhone 8, dispense with the Touch ID to make way for an entire screen terminal. This bar devised by Calkins would perform different functions, among which the virtual home button of these terminals stands out.

This HomeBar can also serve various functions depending on what we are doing with the device, allowing us to pick up a call, view the pending notifications or raise and lower the volume as we can see in the images of this designer.

No doubt this may be the most innovative and viable concept if we consider that Apple should be working on something similar for its next iPhone 8, although we have a little to leave doubts and see if this design is a success or just one Great idea that will remain alone in this concept.

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