Puzzle Games for iPhone, iPad and Android

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toy blast

Puzzle games also need on iPhone, iPad and Android nothing more than your thinking ability. Solve these puzzles by pure puzzling. In the best game apps from the puzzle game genre, you help logical thinking. Puzzle games for iPhone, iPad and Android are logic games that require no skill or speed. The puzzle tasks are to be solved by pure logic, and usually give infinitely time for it. Just a puzzle game for iOS dares this year to put his puzzles in a 3D environment . The breathtakingly elaborate and clever The Room Two gets from us this year not only the highest rating , but also the seal, the best 3D puzzle game ever to be. The game is available for iPad, and will be released in spring 2014 for Android and iPhone.

Away from the two very abstract puzzle games Year Walk and Little Inferno, otherwise 2D puzzle games for iOS and Android dominate the app’s best . Pixel This! Is a Picross puzzle game, Raccoony’s Gang a slide puzzle and Source Memento a game with a ball around the correct order and coloring of touched walls. The peculiar device 6 of Simogo did not make it into this list and you must try toy blast cheats, although it genre-technically probably would fit here. But whether Device 6 is a game at all is a matter of debate.

Puzzle games are divided into several categories. We have already introduced brain-jogging apps , where you can find whole collections of puzzle games or word games. If you are looking for the unusual mix of jumps with puzzles , check out the list of the best puzzle jump’n runs . We deliberately packed all the puzzles with a physics game component into our own app list. In this list of the best puzzle games 2013 for iPhone, iPad and Android, however, we only show the games, for which it only needs logic.

The Room Two

The Room Two is the only true 3D puzzle game at all and at the same time absolutely brilliant in its execution. The Room Two will be a classic as its predecessor. You move through fantastic 3D rooms and interact with the 3D objects directly and without transition.

Year Walk

Year Walk is the only The Room-like games in this list. In Year Walk, you follow the tradition of making a hike to adulthood. This leads you through forests full of mystical puzzles and puzzles.

Source Memento

In Quellmemento you push a ball through labyrinths, the walls of which illuminate when touched. If you have done this in the correct order, then all fields are activated and the puzzle solved. Source Memento is packed into a fabulously narrated story about aging.

Raccoony’s Gang

Raccoony’s Gang is a full-screen sliding puzzle game. You push the raccoons out of a labyrinth with moving squares. Less moves give more points.

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