Motorsport Manager, Take Control!

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Motorsport Manager

Be the brain that will give the win to your team by keeping an eye on your drivers, the condition of their racing tires, the fuel level and the wear and tear of the parts, do not neglect the weather and give orders in time For your drivers to adopt the right driving style at the right time. Motorsport Manager will take you to the helm of your own team and it will be up to you to lead it to victory!

After the release of its application Motorsport Manager on smartphones and tablets for iOS and Androïd, application has been all the rage, SEGA announced the adaptation of the game on PC, MAC and Linux with an official release date announced on November 10, 2016.

The adaptation will take over the principle of managing a stable where you will have to take into account all the aspects that will lead you to victory.  A game more than complete with a simple grip and fast where it will hold only ” It’s up to you to make the right decisions at the right time !

You will be able to steer a stable, you will listen to your drivers while continuing to satisfy a demanding president, you will know while playing, to Motorsport Manager !


In Motorsport Manager, leave your gloves aside, there is no question of proving yourself on the asphalt. Nevertheless, each of your decisions will have a significant impact on the victory or not, of your drivers and your stable. The campaign mode will confronted you with all the aspects and difficulties that a stable manager can encounter in this complete and realistic mode.

You will begin the adventure by creating your profile and already, you will have to make choices that will have an impact on your future adventure. Choose to embody an old driver and enjoy a ” An advantage over the morale of your drivers or even a former technician and enjoy a bonus on designing parts for your racing cars and many more. This is a brand new career that begins for you so make the right choices right from the start!

Once you have created your profile, you will need to select a championship in which to start. To do so, 16 circuits around the globe distributed in the three following championships : You will need to select a championship in which to start. To do so, 16 circuits around the globe distributed in the three following championships : You will need to select a championship in which to start. To do so, 16 circuits around the globe distributed in the three following championships :

World Motorsport Championship
Asia Pacific Super Cup
European Racing Series

The next step will be to choose a stable to devote to your new managerial career. And you’re ready to embark on your very first race as a stable manager. With an aerial viewpoint for an optimal follow-up, you will have the possibility to be able to pass from one pilot to the other in order to have a precise eye on the running of the race. For at no time will you have to let go of what is unfolding before your eyes, on the track!

You will also need to dictate precise instructions to your pilots so that they will adopt a driving style based on racing events.
Beware, however, an aggressive driving style will have a detrimental effect and will increase the wear and tear of your tires, mechanical parts and fuel consumption. So strategically plan the pit stops of each of your drivers, namely that each additional operation ( change of tires / addition of gasoline / repair of mechanical parts ) will give you additional time spent at the stand and will therefore have an effect on the race And ranking your drivers.

Also have an eye on the weather forecast and the moisture content of the track as you will need to tailor your tires and driving styles accordingly. It is worth noting that during each of your races, You will have a specific goal to achieve ( such as reaching a certain place in the final rankings ), which will give you a certain amount of money accordingly.

Finally, the interface during a race is more than complete, you will have a visual on the current ranking but also, on the personal record of your drivers in terms of time. Sometimes, one of your drivers will issue a remark that you will have to follow ( or not ) in order to adapt your instructions and decisions to come.

You will also be able to accept the offers of certain sponsors and thus choose the location assigned to them on your racing cars or design new mechanical parts for an obvious improvement in performance during your next races. Check out the various responses received from journalists, improve your base of operations, check your finances and investments and manage your entire team, from pilot to technician, by licensing and hiring new profiles.

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