Easy way to win match on Blitz Brigade

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Blitz Brigade its the best new multiplayer fps on android.This game is develop from gameloft,and you know gameloft its good developer can make fun games like blitz brigade.Blitz Brigade have some multiple class like deathmatch,flag match and etc.This game have some a lot maps,when the maps is very large.The graphic of blitz brigade is absolutely amazing and make you comfort with this game.This Game is using type Online so you can meet another player in other countries.so, you can see some tips and tricks to win for blitz brigade with easy on below.

The aim of blitz brigade is very hard to focus on your enemy,but you can change setting this options to make your aim to be good.on the first stage, you can follow the training mission this is good because on the end you can get some extra coins and points.Blitz Brigade is use resources like gems and points,the resources its to use to buy something like character,weapon or extra items.If you have a lot coins or gems you can upgrade your character to more than good,because if you buy expensive character you can have some extra stamina,power and etc.But, if But if you do not have a lot of coins and gems you can read this website blitz brigade hack.

Blitz the brigade does not always count on from your resources.you can practice your aim on teammates.On classes teammates you have your time about 4 until 5 players and you can practice with them.Blitz Brigade have a some features uniqe like on map you can find vehicle and you can drive.And another features was amazing its every half a match you can get some supply from air.Supply have a goods thing to make your match win like weapons and skills.

the character on blitz brigade its different, the blitz brigade have 5 type character who have different capabilities.The First is, The soldier this character more versatile and faster.Then,Th Gunner this character is very fat so this make he slowly but he have more damage.The third is the medic this character have more than health and he have capabilities like heal on her teammates.The fourth is,Sniper this character can;t shoot on close combat but the damage very dangerous he can kill enemy just 1 shoot.and the last character its stealth this character very smart to sneaky and this specialis weapon is silenced guns.

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