The samsung notebook odyssey line become first unveiled at ces 2017 to a mild reaction. With samsung having to date placed out minimalist gaming laptops that appear to intentionally fail to trap the attention, the odyssey is the enterprise’s first strive at competing with their rivals both in hardware and layout, with the samsung odyssey 15 representing the access degree of the new line subsequent to the top class odyssey 17. The quit result is a typically wonderful if really blended bag.

Criticisms have been leveled on the samsung odyssey 15’s layout, and even as it’s actual that it’s no longer exactly a looker, it’s inoffensive and not almost as garish as a number of its competitors. Its backlit keyboard glows pink (customizable hues are available inside the odyssey’s 17-inch version) at the side of the hexagonal emblem decorating its chassis, while the curves of the rhombus layout outlining its touchpad additionally light up. I was much less impressed with the reasonably-priced plastic that samsung has used for its case, with it below the requirements i’d assume from a $1,200 computer, but at 5.Fifty eight lbs it maintains it tremendously light for a laptop of its size considering the era packed into it. Even as i wouldn’t name it a compact device, it’s now not too taxing to carry round.

Samsung odyssey 15 overall performance

However its the odyssey 15’s overall performance that truly allows it come into its very own. Samsung’s hexaflow ventilation system, placed at the bottom of the computer, does a first-rate task of keeping it cool irrespective of the venture, with samsung pointing out that its inner components are placed in such a way that they advantage the most from the system. This actually seems to be the case, with the odyssey 15 turning on and loading up video games in a flash.

Powered by means of a 2.Eight ghz intel center i7-7700hq cpu and 16gb of ram, the odyssey 15 is more than able to multitasking, permitting the user to alt+tab out of a recreation after which open up a slew of chrome tabs whilst barely breaking a sweat. Its fanatics do will be predisposed to get a bit loud, although, but it’s not anything too distracting. The 1tb hdd and 128gb also are extra than enough to get you began before you’re inevitably forced to buy external storage, with there also being a white model with a 256gb ssd for $1,399.Ninety nine. Though we never got to try out this version, judging by means of product pictures the black odyssey 15 is the extra attractive of the two.

Samsung odyssey 15 graphics

The odyssey’s 15.6-inch display is crisp and clean (the odyssey 17 has a 17.Three-inch display), running video games at 1080p with its gtx 1050 gpu. Even though no longer the great gpu in the marketplace, the gtx 1050 more than holds its personal and might run more-or-less any recreation to your steam library easily, albeit now not always on the very best first-rate. I found myself having to show down the portraits alternatives on poorly optimized video games which includes metro: closing mild and playerunknown’s battlegrounds, although in standard the odyssey 15 turned into able to cope with the full-size majority of my series at round 50 fps at mid-range settings. You may additionally completely get rid of the bottom of the computer with a purpose to without difficulty upgrade its ssd and ram, that is a nice contact.

The dearth of 4k is disappointing, even though the 1080p screen seems desirable for what it’s far, but i’d have instead samsung opted for an inferior cpu that allows you to suit a more superior gpu into the odyssey. Though its full hd display is crisp, it fails to fill out the srgb coloration spectrum, with it specifically opting for hot shades that integrate to overshadow a number of the finer information in games such as gunfire. Its brightness degree is likewise an problem, as i discovered myself having to routinely turn it up to its maximum placing. However, its anti-glare display screen is a welcome inclusion, preventing each screen glare and reflections on its display at the same time as gaming or watching media.

The keyboard features 0.3mm ergonomically curved keycaps, with highlights outlining the w, a, s and d keys for higher visibility. I’d have preferred the keys to were raised a touch greater, as i once in a while found that my fingers would slip among inputs, however it’s perfectly purposeful and i didn’t have too many problems with switching to it from my desired apex m500. The 2.6 x 3.9-inch touchpad is extra mind-blowing, with it being fantastic responsive and choosing up all swipes and clicks with immediacy. I did should slightly growth its sensitivity, although i was inspired at how accurate it became at responding to my -finger and three-finger inputs, with the latter allowing the user to quick swipe between tabs. Mixed with the high-velocity overall performance of the computer, this makes multitasking on the odyssey 15 a breeze.

The samsung odyssey 15 isn’t the pleasant gaming computer on the market, and at $1,200 there’s different hardware accessible with gpus more capable than the gtx 1050, but for individuals who are searching out a device that makes a speciality of acting multiple duties at once then that is a first rate choice. Its without problems upgradeable ssd and ram is a nice promoting factor, its touchpad is specific and that i liked the readability of its show, however its fee tag can be too high an asking charge for what’s on offer right here.


The world of technology is looking forward to knowing what the next terminal in the Cupertino people will be like. Since the release of the iPhone 7 and its version Plus the most commented in the panorama of the apple, is how Apple will innovate in the iPhone that will celebrate the ten years since the original iPhone.

In this way and due to various delays in the production of the terminal of Apple many designers, carry the whole year showing us the concepts, renders or predictions about everything that is related to this terminal.

This time it was user John Calkins who has created his own concept of how it will be iOS 12, which could easily be applied to the version of iOS 11 that will accompany the iPhone 8 once it comes to light for the months of October or November.

In this new concept, your designer has based on two fundamental points, where one would be the virtual Home button that would serve in the same way that today we use the physical button of our terminals and with that would be better to take advantage of the front of the Terminal with a screen almost without frames.

The other great point on which this designer is based, it is in the HomeBar that we could see in Apple devices that like the supposed iPhone 8, dispense with the Touch ID to make way for an entire screen terminal. This bar devised by Calkins would perform different functions, among which the virtual home button of these terminals stands out.

This HomeBar can also serve various functions depending on what we are doing with the device, allowing us to pick up a call, view the pending notifications or raise and lower the volume as we can see in the images of this designer.

No doubt this may be the most innovative and viable concept if we consider that Apple should be working on something similar for its next iPhone 8, although we have a little to leave doubts and see if this design is a success or just one Great idea that will remain alone in this concept.

DC Legends

Good news for fans of DC Comics : a new license will land on the App Store and Play Store in not long. Indeed, from this month of November, the strategy game DC Legends will be accessible on Android or iOS. Nekron and his band are going to make ugly blows and you will have to work as a team to fight them. This entertainment wearing the label of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The icing on the cake, another character can join the party: Wonder Woman . To do this, it will be necessary to unlock it after an inscription on the official site of DC Legends.

Fans of the universe DC, rejoice, as the mobile game DC Legends is now accessible via the Play Store or the App Store. Indeed, you will finally be able to spin a good beating at the bad guys of this entertainment like the Nekron . To put you in the bath, you can revel in its launch trailer . You will be able to get an overview of what this license signed DC Entertainment has in reserve for the gamers. To your Android or iOS and have fun with DC Legends Cheats methods.

Announced more than a year ago, the mobile game DC Legends is finally talking about him today. DC Comics took advantage of its first panel at the New York Comic-Con to release the first information about the game, as well as a trailer and a release date. DC Legends released on November 3, 2016 on Android and iOS devices. Meanwhile, discover this very first trailer of the game! A pre-registration bonus is already available on the official website, unfortunately only reserved for Americans.


How much mobile phones have evolved in a few years, I still remember mythical terminals like the Motorola RAZR V3, the Nokia 6600 or the nostalgic Nokia 3310, which this year we saw an updated version.

What memories! At that time instant messaging applications did not exist on mobiles, all communication was based on calls and almost extinct text messages (SMS). Excuse me, my tears come to mind when I remember this.

Mobile phones with frames can have their days counted

Joking aside, the mobile phone industry has grown by leaps and bounds. And it shows of this are the terminals that we find today in the market, devices that are the result of many years of effort and work.

Such is the evolution before which we find that it is possible that mobile phones with frames are in danger of extinction. And this year is the best example, as we have seen that many of the high range presented by leading manufacturers have left the frames aside, taking advantage of much of the front of the terminals to integrate infinite screens.

galaxy S8

And what is happening? The space of improvement is very narrow in this sense, that is to say, the mobiles that we find today almost without frames have little to improve in this section. However, it is very likely that in a while we will see medium, medium / high ranges, with panels similar to those of this year, otherwise they could disappear from the technological landscape, or stop having the repercussion they have now.

With this I do not want to say that everyone needs or wants to have a mobile without landmarks, for nothing. What’s more, I summarize it in a phrase that I love, ‘renew or die’. What I am referring to is the evolutionary process that we live in, manufacturers that try to innovate in order not to stay stuck, so that so much novelty can make the ‘forever’ (frames in the mobile) end up disappearing.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think they could disappear someday?

News and rumors on the arrival of a new generation iPad Pro 2 continue to spread through the network, but the many sources of rumors do not seem to agree on what actually Apple’s plans in this regard. The latest information, proposed by Japanese magazine MacOtakara, dwell in particular on the model of iPad Pro 2 9.7-inch , one of three early variants that have been heard in recent months.

According to what reported the aforementioned tablet will be a minor update of the same model launched by the Cupertino now a year ago. It is expected, therefore, that pretty much keep the same hallmarks bringing a modest improvement in the hardware , which should include a system-on- chip A10x with higher performance processor and graphics.Continue reading