6 Ways to Optimize your Gaming Laptop Before Playing a Game

Optimize your Gaming Laptop
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Hello gamers wherever you guys are, what is she? Certainly not good. Have gamers are faced with below standard gaming laptop but gamers eager to play games with the quality of Mid-High in it?, it’s not a pretty shitty, because laptops that we have is not very supportive of our desires. On the occasion of this good I want a little split some Tips to be prepared before the laptop/computer you work hard, and I hope this post could be useful for the gamer, because personally I never experienced anything like this, okay just go ahead please refer discussion below.
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1. Often Use tune-up/CC Cleaner
Indeed it sounds somewhat deviated from the topic of conversation, but the use of this application is very powerful because tune-up application or the like can clear the contents of laptops/computers we from the damaged files or registry files, because usually the laptop is not in complete with tune-up will accumulate junk files that sometimes takes up memory hard drive and even sometimes disturb our laptops will usually bring up complaints such as :

“Why are these laptops often hang?”

“Why this laptop is slow as hell”

“this laptop cursor does not want to move”

And does not cover the possibility of his problems occur which are not familiar against our laptops. In addition with this application we can me disable yet useless applications running on the desktop, so that the memory in use in the CPU and RAM was not too much. That is why we need to use a tune-up in order for our laptop smoothly while playing a game, let alone the spec of the laptop we pas-pasan surely just a little Memory either RAM or CPU would be very valuable to us. I am personally very routine use tune-up because proved potent.

2. Use Game Booster/Game Fire
Still regarding the application, in addition to supporting tune-up applications such as Game Booster is also very helpful to turn off useless applications running on the desktop, the same thing its like tune-up, but the difference is this application can know or detect deeper parts which need to be shut down and optimizing the performance of your laptop to give enough room when we play games, I suggest use Game Booster before playing games because it helps reduce lag and shuttering while gamers having starred games.

3. Optimize VGA performance
Laptop/computer era is now definitely on the complete graphics card like Nvidia’s AMD Radeon & capable of processing the images better and run programs such as games with more smoothly. But what about the laptop that is only equipped with VGA HD intel as default? Of course the laptop to work extra to be able to run a game or a heavy program, hopefully can run it, what if the game can’t open at all which is caused by the lack of spec laptop/computer. The answer is trying to replace with a new best gaming laptop under $1,000.

4. the battery settings on (specially laptops)
Each laptop is definitely equipped by a battery as a source of primary energy in the running system of the laptop, but know that all gamers are setting on the battery able to improve performance in playing the game?, to optimize the battery settings this way:

1. Right click on the battery logo in the bottom right corner,
2. click Power Options
3. Select High Performance
4. If not satisfied with the results please click Change Plan Settings on the right choice of High Performance
5. After that click on Change Advanced Power Settings
6. Locate the Intel (R) Graphics Power Plan
7. change settings on on Battery & Plug in into a Maximum Performance, and then Save the Change

The way is almost the same functionality as tips no. 3 above, but to make it more perfect this way can be tried. But I have also heard stories from a friend that his laptop instead smoothly play games if the battery off the laptop. Actually it is also still a mystery to me, because it is still not know what to do with the battery off the laptop’s performance, I just concluded if the battery off the laptop, automatically will download the settings herself into high performance.

5. do not install too many Widgets
A lot of people who think using widgets-widgets on the desktop would further beautify the look of the laptop/computer and ease them in doing the work, but will need to be aware that not all widgets are nice to use because basically when we use the widget then there is CPU performance to be used, not to mention if the widget using the fiture of excessive display, as well as drain CPU performance surely also will drain the performance of RAM. My advice use widgets as necessary only, do not too many that appear on the desktop, and when the laptop/computer gamers have very small specification it would be even better if it does not have to use the widget at all.

6. Check the physical condition of the laptop
After setting the part software from our laptops, then we are also very mindful of the need for the physical condition of our laptops, and most often in the complaining by gamer is an easy laptop heat condition while gaming. The heat from the laptop can be caused by several things, it could be hot because a heavy program, open laptop lay on a pedestal like a mattress so that the heat dissipation is not running smoothly, and also could be because laptop fan not working properly.

Laptops are basically not designed to play games, unless the laptop is indeed intended for gamers, so hardware-devices contained on a laptop is very sensitive and prone to broken when used to open a heavy program, the solution is not to fast is to use high-quality Cooling Pad to temper the heat, so that the internal fan performance laptop can be lighter. The condition is that hot laptop will be very annoying when playing games, because the performance of the CPU and GPU are compromised and the result is a game that we play into shuttering or lag, and even sometimes the laptop could die automatically when the laptop received a very hot time.

When laptop gamers already apparent age 2 years or more, try occasionally in feeling at the place of heat dissipation which is usually located on the side of the laptop or on the back of the laptop, if when turned on there is no felt the wind coming out of the vents mean gamers need to disassemble the laptop and clean it from dust, since usually after so long dust will accumulate in the internal laptop fan , after that try to replace the old CPU Paste with new, bought at a nearby computer store or ask a friend who has. After that in the laptop gamer will assure you back like new again. If gamers don’t believe please check my laptop specifications below, and see the results.

In essence we should give enough room for the CPU and RAM if you want to play games, because there the kitchen runway laptop/computer, besides we are always paying attention to the physical condition of the laptop not fast heat. Maybe it’s just that I can convey in 6 ways to optimize laptop/computer before playing a game. Hopefully these ways can help gamers who are pissed off looking at games on laptop running slow. If there are errors in my writing sorry, thank you for taking the time to read my post. If there are additional as well as criticism and suggestions I am open as wide-width in the comments field. Keep working for the sake of the progress of the gamer.

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